Product Review: Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

This poofy thing is the reason I ever got sleep

Two nights ago I finally decided it was time to give up our Magic Sleepsuit. So it seems fitting that I should write a review for it.

Around the 3 month mark, my son was busting out of his Halo Swaddlesack (another review on that to come).  He’s like the Hulk. As soon as he could get one hand out, forget it…it was mayhem. He’d claw at his eyes, his face…kid’s got some serious self-harm issues.

My Baby Boy basically sleeps like his dad: he’s one violent sleeper. I was desperate because I was going back to work and needed sleep badly. Which I have recently learned that yes, I do indeed need sleep or else I will completely useless.

After doing some research, it seemed that the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit would be the perfect transition item. You know in cartoons when you see a kid all snug in their snowsuit where they can’t even move their limbs? That’s what the Sleepsuit is. If your baby is awake, he/she can still move but when they’re sleeping, it “muffles” their jerky movements so they don’t smack themselves awake.

The first night I used it, he slept for 7 hours straight. It. Was. Awesome.

Random older people told me that this would inhibit his ability to learn motor skills but I showed it to our pediatrician and he said it was fine. And personally, I figure you need sleep for brain development so whatever it took to get my son sleep was a good thing.

The downside to this thing is that I air-dry it, and since it’s full of foam it takes easily 2 days to dry. It’s kind of expensive, but if you can swing buying two I highly recommend it. Speaking of buying, they have a 100% money-back guarantee, minus the cost of shipping (a whole $5, which is worth it to find out if you can get a decent night’s sleep or not).

Their sizing starts at 3-6 months, I also bought their 6-9 month one as well. I got that one for 20% off since it was mislabeled.

I’m happy to say that I recommended this to someone else and she too told me that it’s been absolute magic since she introduced it. I think it makes your baby feel all bundled. Plus it becomes part of your bedtime ritual, so baby knows it’s not time to f*ck around when he’s in that suit.

Without a doubt, if your baby is a violent sleeper, this is a Must Have item.

So why am I transitioning out with Baby Boy isn’t even 7 months yet? Well, partially because I got it covered in baby medicine requiring a wash and I knew I wouldn’t get it dry in time for his bedtime.  It was also because my son has three sleep vices: the Sleepsuit, a pacifier, and waking up constantly for boob. I figured if I can get him easier access to moving around, he could suck on this thumb, which would then eliminate 2 of the 3 vices. And he wasn’t sleeping anyway anymore so there wasn’t much point.

The Merlin folks recommend transitioning out by just doubling up in sleeper outfits, that way the fabric is a bit stiffer than normal. That’s what I did, and my son slept pretty much the same amount as before, so I guess we’re off the Sleepsuit. It’s a little sad really…having him in some sort of restraint-like item at bedtime was just so inherent to who he is.

Now I just need to figure out how to break that last vice and maybe I’ll finally get some sleep.

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